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Our Story

Wildthings grew out of a lifelong passion for understanding the healing properties of plants. Creating an organic garden on an old farm as my children were growing up, I developed a sense of awe for the wisdom of nature as I watched the interdependence of the living things in the garden and on our land over the years . Studying traditional herbal remedies, I was also struck by the simplicity of traditional medicine and by the profound benefits offered by the plants around us.

A family-owned business, we craft all of our products in small batches, using essential oils sourced from sustainably grown herbs, organic whenever possible. After 19 wonderful years at Cedarberry Farm, we have moved our family  business to the Allegheny mountains of West Virginia. We are grateful for the community of artists, musicians, outdoors enthusiasts, and organic farmers that is thriving here, surrounded by spectacular wilderness and nourished by the blessing of this good Earth.

- Monica Campbell        

  founder, Wildthings Bugspray

Austin and Jason

Lifelong field testers in the garden at Cedarberry Farm, where it all began over 20 years ago